Bye-bye employment! Hello freedom! Hello indepence! Hello passion!
December 5, 2014, 12:22 pm
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Exactly a week ago I celebrated my departure with my colleagues, cleaned my office, handed in my keys and computer and left the office for good. Fuck what a liberating feeling!!

This employer usually hire new staff on short term contracts which are prolonged time and again. I was on my second contract when I, three months ago, told my boss that I am not interested in an extension. Not an easy choice. Fears about an unknown future, leaving “the establishment”, how to earn a living but more so, what would happen to my identity and the polarity in my relationship. Despite the fears, my intuition kept telling me that I’m wasting my life in that office. I did not believe in what I was doing wholeheartedly. I have more important stuff to do. This life has a deeper purpose than that office allows, and I need to leave the full time office duty in order to explore that purpose.

It came down to the cliches we’ve all heard, “face your fears”, “seize the day”, “let the energy flow where the energy goes”. At the end of the day, I felt I really have to practice what I preach. I cannot stay in the comfort zone, cash my monthly salary, and expect that my true potential unfolds. No, I could not respect myself anymore, had I stayed.

During those three months my intuition was time and again silenced by the buzz of the fears. But the last month my intuition grew louder and the trust that This is the right choice ever stronger. A rush of life energy came flowing through my system. So yes, it was fucking liberating and powerful to walk out of that office last Friday!

It is really awesome to observe what is happening in my system since. Clearly, thinking outside the box is a whole lot easier when not stuck in a box all days. Inspiration is surging. The very day after quitting a new business concept came into my system. Meaningful, on demand, new and viable on the global market. Totally in accordance to my believes and passion. I think that will be my main focus in 2015.


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