If she had the courage to take one more step she would realise her misstake
February 16, 2014, 11:08 am
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“Min erfarenhet har lärt mig att en människa aldrig är så nära framgången som när det hon kallar “misslyckande” har kommit över henne. Det är nämligen vid sådana tillfällen som hon tvingas att tänka. Om hon tänker riktigt, och med ståndaktighet, upptäcker hon att det så kallade misslyckande sällan är mer än en signal på att utrusta sig med en ny plan eller ett nytt syfte. De flesta verkliga misslyckanden beror på begränsningar som människan föreställer sig i sitt eget sinne. Om hon hade modet att ta bara ännu ett steg skulle hon upptäcka sitt misstag.”

– Napoleon Hill

Don’t have the original quote, but one passage goes something like this: “…[then] she would realise that the so called failure is merely a signal to equip one self with a new plan or a new purpose. Most real failures derive from limitation in one’s mind. If she had the courage to take one more step, she would realise her mistake.”
I’ve been very low for a while now. Depression-like. Even small things feel difficult. Especially smiling and laughing at jokes etc. Most of the time I feel safe that this will pass; that I won’t feel like this forever. But most of the time I cannot see the purpose of it. What on earth might I learn from this? Reading Napoleon encourages me. It’s quite clear that those who have success in life learn from the mistakes and the difficult times. So there might come something good out of this afterall. I must try to rise and learn from this confusion, meaninglessness, lack of determination and direction, hurt and sorrow.
Yesterday I became aware that it is my ego. It is my ego that has taken over me completely. Dominating my consciousness and feelings with its jealousy and fears. It was cool to realise that. Kind of one step closer to coming out of it. I hope I will have more of those moments.

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