Direction in life
November 28, 2013, 5:13 pm
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“For the masculine, your sense of purpose of mission, of knowing where you’re going in life, always takes presedence over women.

“You must know why your alive and where you’re going before you can give presence in intimacy.”

– David Deida

I feel a little bit dorky coming back to this. About the masculine purpose in life. At the end of the day, no one will remember who the fuck I am a hundred years from now. No one will care about my achievements. I really don’t want to take life too seriously and certainly not be too inspired by one philosophy.


This kind of statement really resonates with me and sheds light on my current confusions. As a man who can smell my mission. As a man who feels that if I invest another year or two in myself, if I take some risks, if I dare to expose myself, then I have a chance to really live my mission. Little by little walk my talk. Give my gift. As this man, knowing where I come from and where I am now, feeling all the achievements my efforts have brought so far; knowing that I want to give back to the world with my lightness, clarity, love and directionality. As this man, this kind of quote gives me inspiration to trust my intuition and keep exploring my mission.

Mmm. I feel so fucking blessed for all the gifts in my life!

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