Feeling outwards… Surrendering to divine guidance…

“Feeling outwards – placing your awareness outside your body, feeling what is happening around you, rather than inside your head – much cooler.”

“Many of us are very self-centered. Me me me, is the voice of the ego. How about getting other-centered for a while?”

“Faith without expectations is surrendering to divine guidance and trusting that spirit will take you where it wants to take you.”

– Alex Vartman

I am tremendously grateful that I met my spiritual teacher, Alex Vartman, two years ago. Upon my first encounter with him, his provokative and direct nature triggered me and I knew I wanted to hear him again. After my first week of training with him, I knew my life would never have been the same. It hasn’t been. Life is different now. I bow down to Alex for his courageous way of teaching and tireless service to mankind. It’s a painful path, the ego gets nothing but shit, but hence, spirit grows. Ever grateful.




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