Back at the office after a wild and crazy, calm and soft weekend, yogitea gave me words of wisdom which really hit me:

< We need courage to see the truth >

20130603_190757Yes it does. Went running and the words of wisdom sank deeper in me. I realised that the truth can be right here in my gut, a feeling without labels, it is speaking to me, it want to be recognized in my consciousness. But unconsciously I chose to ignore it because it doesn’t fit my mind’s expectations of reality. My egoic mind wants reality to be different than that, different than truth. Ha! Yes, it takes courage to see the truth.

Let’s say my breath smells. It is going to hurt to realise that. Perhaps I even kind of noticed it myself, I often get hints from my mates. Yet, at a level just below consciousness, my ego choses to ignore those signals in order to protect itself. I’ll stay disillusioned, believing that my breath is fine, because the truth hurst to much. This was obviously a plain example. When looking at yourself, like, really looking at yourself, it hurts. Fuck, it takes courage to see the truth!

And likewise, it takes courage to show the truth.

I’m beginning to feel that anything less than truth hurts more. It takes so much fucking energy to hide all that is less than truth, whether I am hiding it consciously or unconsciously, whether I am hiding it from myself or for others.

This was a profound reminder in my intention to live in honesty and opennes this year, starting to understand that that is way more difficult than I had thought.


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