do the opposite
March 26, 2013, 5:00 pm
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My spiritual teacher Quirky reminds me to do the opposite when I get stuck. Do the fucking opposite.

Two months ago when I got really jealous and irritated at my partner, I turned away from her but I couldn’t sleep. Really frustrated, I couldn’t stop thinking, my pulse increasing. I’ve got no idea what I wanted at that moment, nothing seemed to be able to make me feel better. My frustration increased as I realised that I was being deprived of my important night sleep. Then Quirky popped up and whispered Do the opposite!

Do the opposite? Yes, do the opposite…

So I turned around and tried to love her instead. Although difficult at first, I tried to give her love. Give her more love.

Yesterday I woke up from a terrible night sleep. Very little recup to endure my day. Totally low on energy, and on days without sufficient sleep, my ridiculous fear of getting sick pops up too. Feeling vulnerable and sorry for myself. Eventually, after work, I remembered – do the fucking opposite you wimp! So I changed and pulled on my running shoes, right there in the back yard of my office, and went running for an hour. Doing the opposite. Do you think I raised my energy level? Do you think my fear of getting sick evaporated?

Yes, doing the opposite. Amen

I’ll remind myself of that this coming week. Challenges coming up. Huhuuuu

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