February 7, 2013, 4:55 pm
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For a couple of years I have been contemplating my purpose in this life. What am I here to give? Sometimes I feel more aligned with my purpose, sometimes less. Sometimes not knowing my purpose is extremely painful, but not right now.

Deida often reminds that everything changes moment by moment.  Everything changes moment by moment, as does your purpose. Your deep purpose can only be rested in this present moment. Thus, I am starting to realise that there is nothing to figure out with regards to what my grand purpose will be. The only relevant question is, what is my purpose right now?

For instance, right now I feel that my purpose is to reflect on this and publish my thoughts. Soon, when that’s done, my purpose might be to take a walk, to read or to meditate. When that moment comes, I’ll figure it out. Staying in tune.

yes to humour in life! don't want to take life seriously anymore, rather purpose and joy!

yes to humour in life! don’t want to take life seriously anymore, rather purpose and joy!

This also goes along with what I’ve learnt from yoga and meditation literature – that you must begin from where you’re at, anything else is illusory, maya. Likewise, my deep purpose must depart from here, in this moment.

In other words, chopping down my life mission in miniscule momentary fragments. If I meditate and manage to stay in touch with my moment to moment purpose, possibly a grand, deep purpose will appear. Who knows!? It doesn’t really matter, but I’m inspired by how this approach can guide my daily life and reduce half-hearted redundancies in each day. TjoohoooO!!! (But yes I know, this will be very difficult in my current life setting, albeit ample opportunity to practice!)

What is your life purpose, right now?

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