Don’t fidget
November 27, 2012, 4:37 pm
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To develop this capacity for sustained high energy, practice plugging your energy leaks and circulating the energy as it builds in the body. Don’t fidget. Don’t eat unnecessary snacks. Don’t ejaculate or orgasm too often. Don’t talk excessively. Don’t watch TV or read newspapers, catalogs, books and magazines simply due to habit. Don’t grind your jaw or tap you pencil unconsciously.

This advice from David Deida speaks to me. I’m writing it down here to be reminded.Don’t fidget.

I’m pretty good at not fidgeting but there is room for improvement. At work, out of boredom and some kind of pity for myself, I eat unnecessary snacks, for instance. Albeit healthy snacks, they’re still unnecessary. I became aware of my fidgeting when being with miss T, my love, last week. Scratching my head while watching a movie with her, how sexy is that?

My purpose in this life may not be entirely clear to me yet, but I know it’s not biting my nails or scratching my ear. Basta!

I’m grateful for this reminder.


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