I’m not always strong
November 4, 2012, 6:48 pm
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It’s been a pretty boring weekend, despite party on Friday and dinner out Saturday.

I’m still not entirely recovered from a cold and it’s starting to get me down. Especially because I cannot exercise. I notice how I ease the pain of boredom with coffee. I know it, but I haven’t been able to resist it for a week now. Also choclate helps to make life a little bit better.

That’s not how I want to lead my life.

I’ve had some wine the past 10 days – not much – but it’s affecting my sleep negatively. I can live without wine.

My indecisiveness has been maximised. When on my own, 24 hrs per day to ‘kill’, money on my pocket – there are is an infinate amount of routes to go down – insignificant stuff – coffee here or there, now or later, bus or car, up or down… Obviously too much for me to handle! Hahaha, how ridiculous!

In September I had a commitment never to think about what/where to eat for more than 5 minutes. It worked really well for the 30 days of my commitment. It’s time to take up that commitment again. Furthermore, for my days off I obviously need to make a plan and pretty much stick to it.

on duty earlier this week

Ok. I will meditate tonight. 15 minutes. Got to find my strength again.

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