October 17, 2012, 7:31 am
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I have various practices that I feel improve my well being. But sometime, even though I know the practice is good for me, my motivation fails. A couple of months ago I realised that I can offer my practices to someone else. Miss T comes first to mind. Miss T, the beautiful lady I am seeing since I unexpectedly twirled around her this summer, still not knowing her name (!). If I offer my practice to her, because she will also benifit from a healthy Aron, a focused Aron, a present Aron – then motivation comes more easy. Elaborating on that, an offering does not have to be devoted to one person, can even be devoted to the whole of humanity. Yes indeed, humanity, the planet, the universe will be better off if I do my practices. For sure I, as a part of the universe, will feel better, and perhaps the practice can inspire someone else to practice too.

In contrast, if I take to the bottle, I am likely to try to encourage someone else down the licor drain too… And what good is that for humanity?


And yes, although I had had many visitors just before Miss T visited me, making my own practice more difficult to accomodate, I am very satisfied with the practice I did do up to her visit. Now, with one month til we see each other again, when my own motivation fails, I will find motivation in offering.


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