Love knows only giving and never asks for anything in return
July 29, 2012, 5:34 pm
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“Love knows only giving and never asks for anything in return”

– Osho

I relate to this quote in so many ways. Giving from the heart, unconditionally, is such a gift in itself. Not expecting anything in return.

I remember back one I was 20 and treated my friends to choclate. “Next time its on me!” they said and I said “No! If you’re gonna give choclate, give it someone else and not me. That way, the joy and appreciation will travel around the world, and then, one day, someone will also treat me to choclate.”

Back then I wouldn’t have used these words, but indeed I was giving unconditionally out of love. I did not want anything in return. I enjoy looking back at moments like that, they kind of serve as benchmarks of my journey. And I realise that I had it in me back then. I had the curiosity and the apetite for depth in life. My journey had already begun although my general focus was outwardly and my system was full of fear and confusion.

That reminds me of another occasion a year later when one of my best friends told me about his meditation practice. The purpose, benefits, the effects. With an open mind I said that that’s cool, but that I myself was more about enjoying life. Enjoying the pleasures.

Epikurus was a greek philosopher, who encouraged pleasure and leisure. Enjoy life! was his mantra. I thought about him today as I drove through the landscapes, and I laughed, how silly, he’s missing out! Because I think he was talking about relieving the pain of life by applying pleasurable things in life. Red wine, choclate, sex, relax, yadiyadi. Bored? Drink more wine! Enjoying the pleasures to ease the pain of being is not my cup of tea. Oh no. I rather dive into all aspects of life, feeling them fully, accepting them. Like last night when I was laying with high fever and severe stomach aches in the remotest corner of Georgia – didn’t even have the energy to ask my host for a cup of tea – I didn’t resist the moment. It was not enjoyable, but I accepted it as it was. I tuned inside and felt heat of my body pulsating through my system, trying to rid it of some unwelcome bacteria, and I felt the peace in my heart. Amazing. I feel so blessed for having found that peace. I notice that this approach to life enhances the more pleasurable aspects of life too, makes them even sweeter than ever before.

And it brings me to another word I heard Osho speak today:

“Tantra is encountering the reality of life”

The reality of life is sometimes enjoyable, sometimes not so enjoyable. Through non-resistance everything becomes more tasty.

Yes, tantra is my cup of tea!


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