February 11, 2012, 6:09 pm
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Living in a whole new context – Georgia in the Caucasus – mirroring myself with a wide range of different people, I’m reminded about how blessed I am to experience this. This life. I am so grateful for having had so many different experiences in my life.

Outer comfort, inner turmoil. Outer discomfort, inner peace. Outer comfort, inner peace.

Living in many different places. Rural, urban, western, eastern. Single, partnership, communal. Travelling extensively.

Working in many different contexts. Unemployment. Low end jobs. High status jobs.

Intensive yoga practice. Low intesive integrated yoga practice. Days of silence. Days of fasting.

Feeling rootless for so long. Finding my roots. All the lonelyness I’ve experienced. All the confusion. All the dispair. All the bliss. All the clarity. All the love.

All the lessons I’ve learned! Building a healthy ego, shedding my ego, burning my past. Knowing I’m still on a journey. Resting in that journey right now. Anticipating what is to come, sometimes rushing to the future but meanwhile doing my best to bring me back to the present.

All the choices I’ve made. How much chaos they have caused! But they brought me here! To this beautiful place. In me. So grateful!!!

All the beautiful people I’ve met. All the love I’ve shared.

What a beautiful life!! I am so grateful. I wish that I have the courage, the clarity, the patience and the wisdom to stay on this path that I have found.

I thank the universe and I thank myself, for the circumstances i’ve been born into and what I have made of that.

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