June 4, 2011, 2:46 pm
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Am I a yogi?

Am I Swedish?

Who am I?

Having made some fairly radical changes in my life the last couple of years I’ve been faced with asking myself these kind of questions. A couple of years ago I was at the beginning of a promising career; while I was not making loads of money, I certainly earned more than I needed; I really enjoyed my title and the responsibility I had. Also back then I was not a materialistic type, but yet I enjoyed my downtown appartment, my retro chairs and my new couch. A university degree in political science. All attributes of my identity. I then entered a beautiful relationship and enjoyed identifying as “in relationship” as opposed to “single”.

Now look at me. Jobless, homeless (living at my childhood home for the moment, thanks mom for your hospitality!), single… It may sound miserable but I really couldn’t be more at ease! What freedom I have created for myself! I have peeled layers attachment, stress, burdens and found more of my core self!

Some may say that I have changed, and perhaps I have on the surface, but at heart I know I am the same. Only more of myself is shining through. This is also why I updated my facebook status some time ago with “Aron is Aron, now more than ever”

So, swedsunrise yoga, thailand, 2011ishyogi, is that what I am now? Certainly I don’t claim to be a yogi, I am but a beginner in that practice. I am but a confused soul who is still looking for a place to live, something of value to occupy myself with, finding a proper diet, and build strong relationships. But I do get most of my inspiration from yogic traditions, from Buddhist and hindu texts and also some new age stuff (which is ofter old age..). I don’t know if I’ll end up in Sweden but I think I’ll always consider myself a Swedish soul. So, swedishyogi it is!

One alternative to title this blogg was Lejonbyxa, one of my first attributes that I identified with as a 4-5 year old. Lexonbyxa means lion pants and refers to some beige corderoid trousers that I wore some 25 years ago. I guess I loved them. People called me Aron Paron Piron Paron. A bit teasingly, but probably also with lots of love. I accepted that, but I added two words – lejonbyxa because I loved them pants, and varg, wolf, just because I thought wolf was cool. Aron Paron Piron Paron Lejonbyxa Varg. That will be my name when I publish my first book, just to remind any reader that I try not to take myself too seriously!! That’s the way to read this blogg too, not too seriously, with a pinch of salt and a dash of irony while there still may be some thoughtful words here and there..

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