Walking, standing and sitting has a different meaning after ten days doing nothing but walking, standing and sitting…
January 22, 2011, 8:50 am
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I’ve been silent for nearly 10 days until a couple of hours ago. No contact with the external world, no talking, no reading. Yes, just standing, walking and sitting.. What a unique day to begin blogging!

I had already made my travel arrangements to Thailand and had a gap between my arrival and my upcoming yogatraining. So I looked into various things to do when I found this silent meditation retreat which fit perfectly in my schedule. Being new to meditation I knew little about what to expect, little did I understand how beneficial it could be. Today I am simply humble and grateful, rooted and balanced.

At 4 am the bell would ring and make our dormatories tremble. For me it was a nice way to wake up given my earpluggs were in place. From that point, our schedule was filled with sitting, standing and walking, see the picture attached. One highlight each day was the period after lunch when we had some spare time; this was the time people would wash themselves or their clothes or simply doze off for a little while. The main highlight was each evening when our teachers would deliver a talk. Wise talk. Some of the things we all know if we listen very carefully to what our heart is telling us, but which is still difficult to fully understand; some things I admit are nearly impossible to figure out yourself but fortunately Buddha found these things out and passed on the wisdom. This wisdom resonates very well with me. I’ll probably share some thoughts inspired by these talks on my blogg later on.

So what happened to me? Upon signing up to the retreat I thought the ten days would be very difficult to live through, but in honesty it was alright. Sure, all those moments of intense pain in knees and feet were not nice, even worse were the moments of boredom and tiredness. At these times the wise words of Axl Rose came to me, “All you need is just a little patience”. So true, in any difficult situation we need a little patience and surely things will become clearer and things will become better. Is it not so?

Many moments were nice too 😉 Just like life has its ups and downs did the retreat have its ups and downs. I feel I’ve grown a lot, I’m much richer now, an experience that will strengthen me for life.

All for now. Peace everyone

For me, time to enter the world through email and facebook 😉

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